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40k Campaign for the Autumn – teaser information !

Time to start planning for some serious 40k action this Autumn !

We had a brainstorming session with Teemu at his Sauna, took a bag of beers there, and didn’t come back until we had the principles written down. This should be a warning example to You all of the hazards of excessive alcohol consumption.

The campaign setting is far from being ready yet, everybody is invited to give Your input for the campaign.

These principles are set so far :

  • Campaign will be map -based, with a digital map to be updated.
  • There will be 2 – 3 teams/sections/races instead of individual focus
  • The moves will be told to the umpire  on email. We’ll need everybody’s email for that of course.
  • There will be 6 rounds, games about every other week.
  • First round with 1000 points of army, then 1500
  • Third game will be a Planet Strike
  • Final game will be a set of Apocalypses
  • There will be most likely some character or unit advancement from game to game.
  • Other games than the last one will be played as the players agree them. Mondays and Wednesdays are good days at the Club.
  • The campaign will start ~1.10.2012. And of course we’ll play with the 6th rules
  • Comps : Allies cannot have a special character HQ.
  • Room for 9 / 12 or 15 players.

Cost for the campaign will be 30€ for non -members. Remember, that members get also a nice T -shirt !

Now, there are some open issues, like :

  • What are we fighting for ? There will be no campaign, until we have a good reason for the war.

Planetary Empires ruleset : Expansion-PlanetaryEmpires

Teams :

Team Strange Aliens with following armies possible :

  • Orcs
  • Tau
  • Eldar
  • Dark Eldar

Team Marines

  • With the non-chaos Marine chapters

Team Evil and the Followers

  • Chaos Space Marines
  • Daemons
  • Imperial Guard
  • Tyranids
  • Necrons


Setting phase, prior to starting the campaign :

  • Teams decide on starting empire command Bastion, and deal out the tiles evenly to possession of each player.
  • Team Strange Aliens decides first, then Team Evil.
  • Each player has to have at least two tiles in possession, that are in contact to either a neutral or competitors tile.
  • Coordinates are sent to the umpire : Player, Race, and possessed tiles ( for example : Kalle Mannonen, IG, tiles B1, C1, D1, E2)

All moves, setup info and questions are sent to Campaign Umpire, email : nopat-campaign@hotmail.fi

Gameround :

Situation update

  • Umpire calculates bonuses for each Empire, updates Maps and calls for moves.

Moves and challenges:

  1. Lowest scoring Team’s members declare their moves, from which tile to which tile. The move can be from own tile to opponent tile ( =challenge ) or to a neutral tile. For first game round the order will be decided by Umpire randomly, consulting D6.
  2. Second team declares their moves, They cannot challenge a player who has already made a challenge or has been challenged, but can challenge a player who moved to a neutral tile.
  3. And then the third one.
  4. If there is an odd situation, where somebody doesn’t have a game, Umpire nominates it.
  5. If somebody cannot attend the tournament round, he’s team nominates a stand in.

Player can challenge a tile he’s not contacting in the map if his team has a contact to the challenged tile and the challenged tile is within three tiles from the challengers tile. It’s more difficult to conquer the said tile after victory, see the planetary empires rules.
Umpire keeps a final word on battles, to prevent the situation where for example two players would have to play three games agains each other in a row.

The Games, ie a Campaign round

After the moves have been sent to umpire, the campaign round will be shown to all:  who plays against whom, and of what tile. The Umpire has the last word of what tiles are fought over. There may be a change of defending player for a game round, if somebody just cannot play for schedule reasons or whatever. In that case, the fight will be about the tile that the challenger has specified.

Results :

  • Results of the fights, and whether a tile changed it’s owner or not are reported to Umpire, who updates the map, and calls for next game round.

If the Challenger won, he has a possibility to conquer the tile he tried to get. If the defender won, he can conquer the attacker’s are.

Victor of a game throws 2D6 after his victory, with the opponent as a witness, and conquers the tile on a throw of :

  • 3+, if the tile is adjacent to his  Teams area, OR the defender won the battle.
  • 7+, if not

With following modifiers to the throw :

  • -2, if only a moral victory ( these are specified for each game round )
  • -1, if The tile contains a river
  • -2, if the tile contains a mountain
  • -3, if the tile contains a Shield Generator, -1 if the tile is adjacent to a Shield Generator.


Map, version 0.3, with some terrain features, and three initial empires defined. still under construction :

Some Adjustements to Planetary Empires rules : 

  • Each player in a Team controlling the most of the Command Bastion points gets to select Special Rule for their army from a list below. Not for first tournament round
  • Each player in a team that has the most Manufactorum points gets a 50 additional points per extra Manufactorum owned. Not for first tournament round
  • Each player in a team that has the most Power Station points get a +1 to the roll for choose side, and select starter, and for reserve rolls. Not for first tournament round.
  • If a player looses all his/her tiles, the team selects him one tile. If the whole team is out of tiles, the umpire makes some more from thin air.

 Hero advancement

  • A non-named HQ that survived the battle can randomly select a Warlord trait (even he’s not Your Army warlord ) and gets that trait for as long as he lives. Throw the dice after game, and report it to the Umpire.
  • There can be up to one Trait of each category for one character, and they can only try to get warlord trait in the beginning of a game from category that they don’t have a permanent Trait.

Special Veteran traits for survived Units.
Following Traits can be selected for units that survived a battle. Select after a game, and report to the Umpire. The unit keeps the Trait as long as it stays alive.  One unit can only have one Trait, and units with a given trait must fight unchanged in next battles.

  • Adamantium Will
  • Counter Attack
  • Crusader
  • Fear
  • Fearless
  • Fleet
  • Hammer of Wrath
  • Hatred against a specified race
  • Monster Hunter
  • Night Vision
  • Skyfire
  • Split fire
  • Stealth
  • Stubborn

 Victory conditions :

The team that contais the most tiles at the end of the game is the victor ! Tiles that have a Manufactorum, Command Bastion, Power Station or Shield generator are worth two tiles.


Teams :

Spare player and Umpire :

  • Kalle Mannonen

Not known :

Team Strange Aliens :

  • Jarmo Siitonen (Eldar)
  • Teemu Kujala (Deldar)
  • Tuomas Hänninen (Orcs)
  • Ville Rantalainen (Eldar)

Team Marines

  • Timo Oravala (BA/Wolves)
  • Sami Tiainen (Gay Knights)
  • Oskari Holm (Marines)
  • Sami Avonen Dark Angels
  • Vitisman, ie : Vict Burro (?) Space Marines

Team Evil and the Followers

  • Sami Kilpinen (CSM)
  • Jaakko Björklund (IG)
  • Mika Baljaskin (CSM ? )

Gameround 1 :

Game Size : 1000 points, no allies

Deployment :Randomly from rulebook

Scenario : Randomly from rulebook

Game days : mondays and wednesdays on weeks 39 – 40.



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33 comments to 40k Campaign for the Autumn – teaser information !

  • avatar Sami K.

    Veeery interesting. Naturally I’ll have to take part.

    The one thing I’m not too keen on is allowing for allies in a fun campaign like this – to me the whole allies thing is no different from the one used for pre-6th edition WFB or 2nd edition 40k – yeah, you could take allies (a 25% allocation) but no-one really did and it was understood to be used for special scenarios or the like.

    Competitive War of the Ring playing here at the club showed already that in general allies are a bad idea.

    Basically I wouldn’t want people to take the allies rules as an official blessing to min-max and feel entitled to now being able to fix deficiencies in their army list with allies.

    I for one will stay “pure” for the foreseeable future, and hope that allies won’t become de facto for tournaments, let alone games for fun.

    • avatar kalle

      You may be right, but I think the current feeling is : let’s try all these new toys and possibilities, and start banning them after some facts have been seen. I’m actually quite excited about the allies, though I haven’t built a list with them yet. More comments on the issue are welcome. I’d really like some biker nobzes for my armies…

  • avatar anwil

    Will be attending this one for sure!

  • avatar kalle

    A bit of flesh over the bones added. Still strongly under construction.

  • avatar Tumppi

    This is superb. Count me in

  • avatar Sami T

    Nice plan, I am in.

  • avatar kalle

    And some more details added, the Team structure proposal, hero and unit advancement rules, and adjustment of Planetary Empire rules to team play. And some update to the map.

  • avatar Jamo

    Sounds great, I’ll be in (and joining the club) for sure!

    The only thing that is bit puzzling are the teams, I would find it strange as a Eldar general to be allied with Necrons and Tyranids. Don’t know if four teams are too much, but from a fluff perspective teams of orks+necrons+nids, tau+eldar+dark eldar and chaos+daemons+ig would make a lot more sense.

    • avatar kalle

      You’re right, I’m just trying to figure out a way to put all the races into three teams, and so that they are somehow balanced. Perhaps there has to be four teams, of which only three most popular get to the campaign. Three comes from the fact that it balances the campaign automatically : whoever gets to a lead will get punched by the other two.

  • avatar Oskari Holm

    Count me in as well.

    About the fluff and the teams, maybe switch Necrons and Orks around as Eldar and Necrons are basically just as bad enemies as Grey Knights and Daemons? On the other hand there are many occasions where Eldar have “directed” Orks against their enemies, and Tau are basically ready to ally with just about anyone anyway.

    • avatar Jaakko Siitonen

      That would be logical. The biggest issue for me also was the eldar and necrons on the same team. Dark eldar and eldar in the same faction would also make sense as eldar are only battle brother ally of dark eldar in the new book.

      • avatar kalle

        Excellent, teams are updated. I’ll have to start reading the fluff to get some idea for the campaign background.

        I’ll also try to come up with some ideas for how to upgrade the empires. In the warhammer mighty empires there are good rules for fotifying the tiles, but for planetary empires there isn’t.

  • avatar Teemu

    Kalle wrote:
    “We had a brainstorming session with Teemu at his Sauna, took a bag of beers there, and didn’t come back until we had the principles written down.”

    Indeed, and my laptop was really running hot after that. Excellent work Kalle, from there on as well.

    Naturally I’m in. Probably with DE, but have to take some allies to try the new psycics.

    I’d be happy to start writing some fluff, after I’ve studied all the content here already. Also crowsourcing for fluff was one of our not so toxicated ideas…


  • avatar Tuomas

    Looks great. Count me in!

  • avatar Teemu

    A few ideas after reading all of the above again…

    * What about playing the campaign as a game itself, it would be longer, but more addictive…
    In relation to that
    * I don’t think there should necessary be a fight if one moves to a neutral tile, maybe a “border patrol” like small skirmish. The entering army would simply conquer the tile
    * In order to keep the bigger game moving, we should have an option to sort battles by rolling dice (= without an actual 40K game). There’s a system for this in the first edition of Migthy Empires
    * If a player or a team runs out of tiles, they should be out of the campaign
    * Winner should the team that…
    – has conquered the whole map (= killed all other teams) or
    – has conqured XX tiles first OR
    – has most tiles by XX.XX.2013

    I’ll read Planetary Empires next.


    • avatar kalle

      “I don’t think there should necessary be a fight if one moves to a neutral tile, maybe a “border patrol” like small skirmish. The entering army would simply conquer the tile”

      – right. Key thing is to have one game per player per tournament round. So first priority battles are the ones, where two teams end up in the same tile, or try to conquer one another. Lowest priority are the ones where non contested tiles are moved into. At the same time, there may be situations, where the same player would need to fight several battles -> in those cases a team mate would step up to ( assigned by the Umpire ).

      • avatar Jamo

        If everyone has one move, there will be more than one game per player as someone has to defend also. With the teams it might be possible to even the games up so that everyone will attack and defend once per game turn, but with three factions there will be situations where the attacks won’t go even. So in the end some players from one faction will get to play only once per round and members from other factions thrice. And that’s hard to avoid with map based campaign and so for is a part of the game.

        We played a campaign during last winter with three factions and it went just like that. Two factions fought together and the third one just attacked one of those. So the third faction only played the attacking scenarios, one defended twice and attacked once and one played one attack and one defend.

        Good solution is to not play the attacks on empty hexes and even out the defend duties for those that didn’t attack. Also peaceful withdrawal should be option.

        For the fluff I’ve got an proposal. The planet is imperial world that contains some sort of ancient artefact of old ones. Eldar know that it’s too important to fall on the hands of chaos, so they have combined forces with some raiders of dark kin. They’ve also made alliance with Tau, who’ll get the planet for their empire after the artifact has been recovered (or so they think) and they’ve also lured a Waaagh fleet towards the system, in case nothing else works.

        Chaos and Necron forces have heard of the artefact. Both want it, but they’ve thought it would be easier to get if the others first soften the enemy presence up first. However both have the same idea, so it’s quite a fickle alliance. Sorcerers of Tzeentch have also made bold move to lure strand of a hive fleet from nearby sector on the planet as risky, but effective shock tactics.

        • avatar kalle

          My intention is to have first priority in that everyone gets exactly one game per tournament round. This may mean, that some empty hexes are just taken without resistance, and some defender may be defending their faction from attack to his partners area.

          The fluff is good :)

          • avatar Jamo

            Intention is good, but I stil say that it’s quite hard to transfer in to game if everyone gets to attack. Especially later in the campaign there won’t be many empty lots.

            Unless of course there is a rule that if you’ve been attacked, forbids you from attacking. Which will lead to other kind of problems if the goal is to get as much area as possible. As the factions that make their moves later will have worse chance to conquer the tiles.

            I would say that better goal would be to have two games (an attack and defend) for each and just make the campaign turns longer in real time. The number of games that the players get to play is the same anyways.

            I’ve ran and been in many campaigns and I can say that the simpler the rules are, the better the results will be.

            • avatar kalle

              In Mighty Empires ( faba ) this has been solved so, that starting from the lowes empire,the players make a challenge, and we can decide, that the challenged doesn’t get to make a challenge. This would have a nice negative feedback loop for the largest empire. Of course then if the challenger looses, he should be in risk of loosing a tile from his empire.

              So, we could let the whole smallest empire make challenges first, then second and third.

  • avatar kalle

    I updated the moves and challenges chapter for a system that should guarantee exactly one game round per tournament round. The reason why I want to keep this limit, is that there are other leagues and tournaments goin on also. Plus a thing called ‘other life’, which is of lower importance though…

    No I’ll have to lok at the map, to make the war interesting.

    For the first round the order will be decided on a stone/scissors/paper -principle. Or with a pretournament Kimble game, or something…

  • avatar JaakkoB

    Count me in. IG or SM.

  • avatar Ohris

    Looks fun… Im in for team strange… or Chaos.

  • avatar kettu

    Interested in attending with Eldar.

  • avatar vitisman

    im coming to the campaing for the sm army.

  • avatar Sami K.

    Is there a sign-up going on already? I expressed interest earlier, and I definitely want to participate. I can do Orks, Wolves or CSM.

    • avatar kalle

      I’ll start writing the campaign rules to a detail. There are some stuff, that I’ll have to clarify, before this can be played. I’ll check the people who have shown interest here, and ask for everybody to confirm their participation.

  • avatar kalle

    OK, I think I got pretty much enough rules and stuff specified here, so that I can take sign-ins and confirmations.

    Use the campaign e-mail adress : nopat-campaign@hotmail.fi

    Please give Your : Full name, army (or armies that You have). Email address I get from the email…

    I’ll tidy up this page for a new, official campaign page soon.

    I’ll update the teams and everybody can start planning for games. As You can see, I’ve tried to keep things very simple, with focus on everybody getting at least one game per game round. Let’s give it a try, and learn for next campaign.

    The amount of players for the campaign is not that important, if people are willing to take occasionally two games per round. I’m planning to participate also as the odd-man, ie playing when there is an odd number of players for some round. I’d say that we can take 3 * 6 players at max to keep this still manageable. 3*4 or 3*5 are also nice amounts.

  • avatar kalle

    And comments and improvement suggestions are still taken in, if somebody notices a good point.

  • avatar Oskari

    I’m definitely still in. Also, while I’m okay with playing Marines, if the new Chaos codex is out by the time the campaign starts (or if it comes out only a little after it), I’d really like to play with the evil(er) guys instead. Provided that it doesn’t cause problem with the teams of course.

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