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Nopat & Taktiikka Warhammer kasiedikan House Rulet


Kun kerran kasiedikan tuki loppui Games Workshopilta, niin on aika ottaa tilanne omiin käsiin. Itse ainakin aion jatkaa kasin pelaamista. Ja kun kerran GW ei aio tuotettaan korjata, niin tehdään se itse. Tein alustavan listan asioista, jotka mun mielestä pelissä on hyvä korjata. Haluaisin pitää tämän mieluummin lyhyenä kuin pitkänä, joten vain oleellisempia asioita. Tarkoitus on, ettei tarttisi varsinaisesti kompata mitään, vaan muutetaan esim tyhmien juttujen ominaisuuksia ja pistehintoja suoraan. Mutta minimaalisesti :)

Saa kommentoida.

Warhammer 8th edition rule changes

The Most Important Rule : The game is meant to be relaxed and fun, so don’t be an asshole – a relaxed asshole is not- fun.

End Times : 

  • Putrid BlightKings, Skullreapers, Wrathmongers, Harbingers, All three Bloodthirsters from ET: Archaon, Morghasts  are allowed, undead lore is allowed, character limits are used. Beastmen can use Marks as described in Glottkin. TK & VC use Undead Legions -special rules.
  • Undead Lore is allowed
  • Undead Legion is allowed within these limitations
  • Max 50% of points on characters total.
  • No other End Time Stuff

Line of sight :

  • Buildings, impassable & hills block line of sight.
  • A forest blocks line of sight. You can see into a wood, but not through it.
  • Units, obstacles etc don’t but give cover as explained in rulebook

Buildings can contain eligible models for up to 20 wounds.

Magic :

  • Total maximum power dice per magic phase is 12
  • You can cast spells with 5 power dice, except Death spells and Okkams Mindrazor with 4 dice.
  • Max 2 power dice generated in addition to wind of magic with any means.
  • Selection of Death Magic costs 10 points per level level of the mage, or the spells from death lore the mage is able to, or has chosen to use, whichever is lower.
  • Up to 2 Characters in a unit can get a 2+ “Look Out, Sir!” against Dwellers Below, Final Transmutation and Dreaded 13th. Normal requirements for Look Out, Sir! apply.

Magic Items : 

  • No Folding Fortress

Reform :

  • A unit can add or reduce in maximum 3 rows or columns in reform.

Charge :

  • Single model charging alone a single model : You must try to get centers of the contacting sides of units to as close to each other as possible. Ie, no clipping unless something else makes it a must.

Close combat :

  • Disrupted unit is not steadfast
  • A character or champion doesn’t block anybody from hitting the RnF models behind the character. If a model is only in contact with a hero in challenge from enemy, it can hit the RnF model behind the hero.

War Machines :

  • War machines are assumed to a have round base of 60mm radius, or a square base of 50*50mm, unless they had a different base in a box . In case no such exists, just play like it does.
  • Line of sight from a War machine is measured from the center of a War machines front (turn to meet the target for square base)

Characters :

  • No flying character can have better than 2+ Armour save without a spell of some kind.
  • No flying character can have better than 4++ ward save without a spell of some kind. And no rerolling of ones for wards. Except Cloak of Twilight.

Weapons : 

  • Spear : Addition to spear rules : Infantry models with a spear have +1S and ASF when receiving a charge to front from non-infantry unit.
  • Spear on a cavalry (incl monstrous cav) unit : In addition to other rules gets +1 initiative when charging
  • Lance on a cavalry (incl monstrous cav) unit : In addition to other rules gets +2 initiative when charging

Comp : 

  • Unit size max : 450 points / 50 models

Army specific changes :

Beastmen :

  • Cygor, Ghorgon, & Jabberslythe cost 175 points
  • Giant costs 150 pts. You can upgrade it to ha a Scaly skin (5+) for 25 points.
  • As many units as there are Gors, You can take Centigors as Core units
  • Minotaurs cost 50 points
  • Can take marks as specified in End Times : Glottkin
  • Beastman Ambush : can be played as written in the book, or replaced by either of these :
    • Doesn’t require a unit of same kind in non-ambush, but Beastmen Ambush table result six is replaced by 4 or 5 determined by controlling player, and unit must deployed on Controlling players half of the table, in Battle line scenarios and comparable.
    • Normal Ambush, but tested starting from round 1.

Bretonnia : 

  • Remove all 0-1 and 1+ restrictions & obligations
  • Can use non-missile Empire infantry units as allies
  • Can take non-missile Empire Cavalry units as allies (not demigriffons)
  • Prophetess of the Lady & Damsel of the Lady : Can use lores  Beast, Life, Heavens and Light
  • Point value changes for units:
    • King Louen : 600 points
    • Lord of Bretonnia : costs 100 points, Hippogryph mount 150 points
    • Knights Errant : 19 points
    • Knights of the Realm : 23 points
    • Grail Relique : costs 112 points, additional Pilgrims cost 8 points
    • Grail Knights : cost 35 points
    • Field Trebutchet : Costs 120 points
  • Magic item changes :
    • Banner of the Lady : 75 points
    • Sacrament of the lady: (40pts) Bearer adds +D3 to armys power pool but cannot cast spells in that turn herself. After power dice are generated, roll D6, if 1 is rolled then sacrament of the lady cannot be used for rest of the game.
    • Virtue of Empathy : 5 points
    • Virtue of Knightly temper : 35 points
    • Virtue of Penitent 35 points
    • Virtue of Discipline 15 points : The enemy gets one less rank bonus for combat resolution

Chaos Dwarfs 

  • K’daai Fireborn 48  points each
  • Infernal Ironsworn : 16 points each
  • All Warmachines, Monsters and Unique units : A second choise of the same unit costs 50 additional points
  • K’dai destroyer : 350 points

Daemons of Chaos :

Reign of Chaos table is not used.

Daemonic Alignment changes :

  • Daemon of Slaanesh : Always Strikes first, Armour piercing  & Hatred (Khorne)

Point value and rule changes for units:

  • Daemon Prince : costs 225 points
  • Skull Cannon first one costs 225 points, further ones cost 275 points
  • Beasts of Chaos :cost 90 points and has Regeneration(5+)
  • Plague Drones of Nurgle : 62 points
  • Soul Grinder : 200 points

Daemonic Gifts are not selected randomly, but have following cost. No gift can be used twice :

  • Impenetrable hide 75 pts.
  • Massive Might 65 pts.
  • Aura of Disruption 55 pts.
  • Bringer of the swarm 55 pts.
  • Souleater 50 pts.
  • Unholy Flurry 50 pts.
  • Sorcerous lodestone 45 pts.
  • Unbreakable skin 45 pts.
  • Incorporeal strike 40 pts.
  • Unnatural swiftness 40 pts.
  • Corpulence 35 pts.
  • Unholy sacrifice 30 pts.
  • Cleaving blow 30 pts.
  • Skill Shallower 25 pts.
  • Noxious Breath 25 pts.
  • Crushing mass 15 pts.
  • Dark Blessing 10 pts.


  • Beast of Nugle, max 2 units, max 8 models.
  • Plague Drones : Max 2 units, max 6 models.
  • Epidemius : Not Allowed
  • Kairos : Not allowed

Dark Elves :

  • Warlocks lose D3 models as a Miscast reaction with no saves of any kind allowed.
  • Warlocks cost 32 pts / piece. No additional cost from using Death Magic.
  • Dark Pegasus for a character costs 75 points
  • Dark Riders cost 18 points
  • Black Guard costs 13 points
  • Bolt Throwers cost 100 points each after 2 bolters
  • Kharibdyss costs 140 points
  • Sisters of Slaughter cost 13 points each
  • Morathi & Hellebron : Not allowed

Dogs of War & Regiments of Renown

  • Is an allowed Army, and uses this book : DOGS OF WAR, with changes stated here
  • You are allowed to use the Regiments of Renown units in Dogs of War or other armies, as listed in here : RENOWN
  • You are allowed to use Dogs of War -Core and Special units as Rare units in any Army book, unless it’s non-fluffic !

Changes (TBD):


Dwarfs :

  •  Dwarfs can reroll once Ancestral Grudge roll, but get a -1 to First Turn rolloff (cumulates with any other modifier)
  • Organ Gun & Flame Cannon : Max 2 total
  • Cannons & Grudge Throwers : Max 3 total, and only two of the same kind.
  • Copters of any kind : Max 3 total
  • Rangers can be deployed to Skirmish formation for no additional cost
  • Anvil of Doom has these additional Runes :
    • “Rune of Marching and Mayhem”, power level 7. Augment, Range Unlimited : Target friendly infantry unit can make a march move. Cannot be targeted to a unit that has made a failed charge this turn. Can be cast with Ancient Powah, power level 10 : affects D3 units.
    • “Rune of Sloweness”, power level 5, a hex with unlimited range : Target unit’s movement value is halved until the end of it’s next turn. Until the end it’s next turn, the unit adds one more dice to it’s Charge distance, and disregards the highest. If it has a swiftstride rule the effect is that it only rolls two dice, and uses those for charge distance ( in addition to the have Move characteristic).

Empire :

  • Mortar can be upgraded to  Strength 3(6) for +20 additional cost
  • Handgunners and Crossbowmen cost 8 points
  • If Empire army contains General of the Empire, one unit of State Troopers can take a magic Banner worth max 50 points
  • One unit of Greatswords can be upgraded to S4 for +1 point each
  • Demigryph Knights cost 62 points each
  • Helstorm Rocket Battery has Strength 4
  • Flagellants : Cost 10 points. The end is night table’s Fanatical fury is always on, and at least one model is always sacrificed.
  • Second Steam tank costs 350 points
  • Cannons cost 10 additional points each after the first one, ie second costs 130 points, third 140 etc.

High Elves :

  • Banner of the World Dragon only works on Spells + Magic weapons on Characters, costs 55 points
  • Lion Chariot of Chrace costs 100 points
  • Shadow Warriors cost 12 points
  • Bolt Throwers cost 100 points each after 2 bolters
  • Flamespyre Phoenix costs 175 points
  • Duplicating Phoenixes costs 40 points additional.

Kislev (TBD)


  • Predatory Fighter Special rule works for supporting attacks also, and overrides any limits for supporting attakcs.
  •  Troglodon costs 150 points, and has the Special Rule Stubborn in addition to any abilities it has.
  • Saurus Oldblood & Scar Veteran : Carnosaur mount costs 170 points.
  • Skink Skirmishers cost 8 points.

Ogre Kingdom (under construction): 

  • Yhetees cost 40 points
  • First IronBlaster costs 225 points, after that they cost 275 points each
  • Giant costs 150 pts. You can upgrade it to ha a Scaly skin (5+) for 25 points.
  • Stonefhorn costs 200 points
  • Thundertusk costs 200 points
  • Maneater with Sniper or Stubborn cost 5 additional points each
  • Mournfang Cavalry cost 5 additional points each

Orcs & Goblins

  • Giant costs 150 pts. You can upgrade it to ha a Scaly skin (5+) for 25 points.
  • Black Orcs : 11 points
  • Orc Boar Boyz : 15 points
  • Trolls : 40 points and have Regeneration(5+)
  • Arakchnarok Spider : 190 points
  • Mangler Squigs : 75 points

Skaven : 

  • You can have only as many units of  Skaven Slaves, as You have Clanrat & Stormvermin units
  • Rat Ogres : The Rat ogres cost 38 points
  • Plague Cense Bearers : cost 13 points each
  • Hell Pit Abomination : No duplication
  • Doomwheel : after first one further Wheels cost 200 points each

Skaven Magic :

  • Scorch, Cracks call, Pestilent Breath and Dreaded 13th Spell are Direct Damage Spells.

Tomb Kings :

Uses End Times : Nagash Undead Legions rules ( no additional tests when a Hierophant dies, allowed to march in general’s command bubble). No need to take Nehekra Lore.

Point value and rule changes for units:

  • Skeleton Chariots : cost 50 points
  • Necropolis Knights : Cost 60 points
  • Khemrian Warsphinx & Necrosphinx : Added Special rule : Immune to poison
  • Screaming Skull Catapult : 100 points


Vampire Counts : 

  • Crypt Ghouls cost 8 points per piece.
  • Ethereal characters after first cost additional 15 points each
  • Vampiric Powers : Red Fury or Quickblood cannot be taken more than once or combined with each other or any other Vampiric Power
  • Dire Wolves 9 points
  • Hexwraiths cost 35 points
  • Spirit Hosts cost 50 points
  • Cairn Wraiths (unit)  cost 55 points a piece
  • Blood Knights cost 46 points
  • Duplicating Terrogheists is not allowed

Warriors of Chaos :

  • Demon Prince is Unstable and costs 250 points
  • Flying characters get additional 25 points cost
  • Chimer’s Regenerating Flesh has Regeneration( 5+) rule in stead of Regeneration (4+)
  • Throgg costs 225 points
  • Forsaken : 17 points
  • Dragon Ogres : 55 points
  • Chaos Trolls : 40 points
  • Second Hellcannon : 250 points
  • Shaggoth : 175 points
  • Chaos Giant : 150 points
  • Slaughterbrute : 175 points
  • Mutalith : 210 points
  • All Throlls undependent on their type have Regeneration(5+) instead of 4+

Wood Elves :

  • Forests spirits have a 5+ ward save
  • Wildwood Rangers cost 10 points each
  • Wardancers cost 13 points each
  • Treekin : One unit may upgrade to Ancient Treekin, with +1 S for 5 points each, but their Ward goes down to 6+
  • One unit of Dryads : can upgrade to Ancient Dryads +1S, +2 point for each model.
  • Treeman of all kinds, including Durthu have M6


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  • avatar Teemu

    Ehdottaisin, että

    * lance saa +2 ja keihäs +1 iniin kun chargaa hevosella.

  • Mähän en oo mitenkään aktiivine faba pelaaja, mutta eikö kannata pitää mahollisimman stabiilina 8ed + compit settinä?
    Eli ei vaihtaa ainakaan noita perussääntöjä?
    Siis että sääntökirja riittää opetteluun ja tulkintoihin. Jos armeijoissa on säädettävää niin hyvä on.

    • avatar kalle

      Pöh, mun säännöt ja pisteet on parempia kuin GW:n ! Koska GW lopetti tuen, niin pakkohan jonkun on se niiden sätös korjata. Kun kerran ei ole toivoa ysiedikasta eikä uusista army bookeista, niin mä teen omat !

  • avatar slugi

    Ruottalaiset tekee tällä hetkellä uusiä sääntöjä, jotka varmaan tulee sitten ETC:ssä käyttöön. Tutustun ja yritän sekaantua niihin sitten ETC:n jälkeen. Nyt menee aika delffien finishaamisessa ja maanantaina lähdetään jo Prahaan. Tänä vuonna menestytään! 10. kerta toden sanoo!

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